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12 Maret 2011

Iron Man


Marvel fans are facing difficult choices for many forms of entertainment such as mold release after recent rain, to vote for the biggest stars of the Marvel system with dramatic moments calculated on the silver screen or on your own character in a simulated game and experience the feeling of sublimation after dangerous missions.

The next object that Marvel and put more towards the expected success is the work being Iron Man fan, this film is carrying the hopes of his team produced the most impressive action in spring 2008 and immediately it was a parallel cousin is a simulation game inspired from scenes in the movie was announced Sega will launch in the same time the film was shown.

Although still relatively early to get the best angle to comprehend this statement, but at least we have the opportunity to experience the feel of his original demo of the game so that there are comments The first trend and features that this game brings.

ScreenShot :

Install Note :
1). Run setup.bat for decompress the game
2). After decompress the game 1.7 Gb
3). and Run GameLauncher for play the game
4). Enjoy...

Download Iron Man [150MB]

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